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Apartments in Conde de Romanones 10

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Building constructed in the 19th century that has been completely rehabilitated. It relies on central typical court of this type of buildings that they are in " Madrid of the Austrias".

This is the name that is given to this zone of Madrid and it arose in the epoch in which the dynasty of the Hapsburg reigned in Spain. This reign began with Carlos I, who enriched the city with palaces and monuments. Later, when Felipe II was turning into the capital of Spain the city it grew notably. The tour for the Renaissance and baroque buildings of this epoch is probably one of the most picturesque and of Madrid.

The building is located to 5 minutes walking of the Puerta del Sol. This happy and alive square can be considered to be the heart of Madrid. Continuing for the narrow and picturesque streets crammed with people it comes near to the squarewhere there is the convent of Las Descalzas Reales ones, later, and closely together of the Royal Palace, the Monastery of the Incarnation and the General Captaincy, to return for the street Bigger than the Plaza of the Villa where they find the House of the Villa, the House Cisneros and Lujanes's Tower.

In another covered tour, to scanty minutes we find the impressive Plaza Mayor, inside which they can appreciate the House of the Bakery and House of the Butcher.  In his center one finds the Statue of Felipe III. It is worth visiting San Isidro's Cathedral, the beautiful building of the State Department and the House of Lope de Vega, in Cervantes Street. 

The building thinks in plenary session bought of the flowers of Madrid together with the station of Underground of Madrid "Tirso de Molina" (Line 1), in the surrounding areas of the traditional market of Madrid: "El Rastro" that he installs his positions every Sunday morning.   

In the surrounding areas of the building they find trades of all kinds, shops of design, bars with terrace, supermarkets and numerous restaurants and bars, (the most typical of the whole Madrid). To a step of everything, but enjoying tranquility and silence, since it is a street with scarcely night traffic.

APARTMENTS IN MADRID. The apartments of this building are an ideal place to live in Madrid, so much for those who travel for reason of work ,as for those who come from vacations.

APARTMENTS TO RENT IN MADRID. Consult us for stays of weeks or months in the apartments of this building. We can study your needs and offer you better prices.

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Molina Loft G

  • Molina Loft G
  • - Bedrooms: 3
  • - Size: 120 m2
  • - Location: Conde de Romanones 10
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Geisha Loft F

  • Geisha Loft F
  • - Bedrooms: 2
  • - Size: 80 m2
  • - Location: Conde de Romanones 10
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